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About Purr Avida

Purr Avida's Queens


Mia, our beautiful Blue point, mitted female, makes us very proud in the show ring. In addition to being a great mom, Mia has the softest fur of any cat we have ever felt. She comes from incredible lineage, with grand champions running through her blood. She is a very meek and mild cat that loves being in your presence and sitting beside you.


Cleo, is our queen of the Nile! A beautiful seal point, bicolor female with a heart of gold. An incredible personality that makes our cup runneth over. She too, is from grand champion lineage, we are certain she will bring home many blue ribbons. Mia and Cleo are sisters and are inseparable, yet very different in personality. Both affectionate and loving girls.


Willow is the newest Queen to be welcomed into Purr Avida Cattery. She is a beautiful Blue Cream Tortie and is the youngest of the girls. Currently 6 months old, she will be ready to have kittens this winter. She has an amazing white coat, with the feel of silk, a personality that will win over any heart, she is an awesome addition to our family. Thank you to Treasure Mountain Cattery for trusting us with this beautiful creature.


Piper is the first of our beautiful cats to bring kittens to Purr Avida. An absolutely amazing mom, who's kittens are beautiful and full of life! She is a gorgeous Seal bi color with long, silky hair that she has passed on to her kittens. She is a very loving, personable cat that enjoys being around people and other pets. We are very fortunate to have this girl as one of our Queens. Again, thank you to Treasure Mountain Ragdoll's for sharing this sweet girl with us.


The smallest and youngest of the three, is Anna, a blue point bicolor. Anna came to us from a cattery in Texas, and like all things in Texas, she has the biggest personality of any of my cats. She is fearless, loving, passionate, and curious about everything! She will have kittens that have personalities that POP! If you are looking for a kitten that will make you a fantastic pet, this is the girl that will give it to you.

Purr Avida's Kings


Meet Pierre, Pierre is a Blue Point ragdoll that recently came to live with us. He has been in the family for several years and is a very big, sweet boy. Pierre has proven to have gorgeous kittens that are the full of beauty and personality. He is an incredible addition to our cattery and we look forward to many years with him as part of our family. Pierre loves to spend hours sitting in your lap, being brushed, snuggled, and has the most beautiful blue eyes you have ever seen. Until the ladies get old enough, he will just have to spend his time snuggling with us humans! Read More


Tiber recently came to live with us from Poland. After long travels, he found his way into our home, and into our hearts. He is an eye catching, seal point mitted male, who will definitely compliment our females! He has a heart of gold and is amazingly friendly. He is sure to produce beautiful kittens, with a personality that will melt your heart!

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